Private Placement Memorandum

By clicking on the button “I Agree” below, you represent to Fiera Comox Partners Inc. (“Fiera Comox Manager”) and agree that:

  1. You are an “accredited investor” or otherwise an investor exempt from the prospectus requirements under National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus Exemptions;
  2. You are a prospective investor in the Fiera Global Private Equity Fund (“Fiera Fund”), a non-prospectus qualified investment fund formed as a trust under the laws of Quebec managed by Fiera Capital Corporation (“Fiera”) and have been provided with an offering memorandum relating to the Fiera Fund (“Fiera Fund OM”);
  3. As the Fiera Fund has invested a substantial portion of its assets in the Fiera Comox Global Private Equity Fund, a private equity fund managed by the Fiera Comox Manager formed as a limited partnership  under the laws of Ontario (“Fiera Comox Fund”), the confidential private placement memorandum of the Fiera Comox Fund (“Fiera Comox Fund PPM”) is made available to you for information only;
  4. The Fiera Comox Fund PPM does not form part of and is not integrated by reference in the Fiera Fund OM;
  5. The Fiera Comox Fund and Fiera Comox Manager will not have any liability to the investors in the Fiera Fund;
  6. The Fiera Comox Manager has no responsibility or liability for the administration or management of the Fiera Fund; 
  7. The Fiera Comox Fund and Fiera Comox Manager do not make any warranty as to the units of the Fiera Fund, the suitability of the Fiera Fund for an investor, the performance of the Fiera Fund or the accuracy or completeness of Fiera Fund OM;
  8. The Fiera Fund will invest in Fiera Comox Fund and, as a result, the Fiera Fund and not its investors will be entitled to exercise recourses, if any, against the Fiera Comox Fund and Fiera Comox Manager;
  9. You will not reproduce or distribute the Fiera Comox Fund PPM, in whole or in part, or disclose its contents without the prior written consent of the Fiera Comox Manager; and
  10. You will keep all information in the Fiera Comox Fund PPM confidential and will use the Fiera Comox Fund PPM for the sole purpose of evaluating a possible investment in the Fiera Fund.

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