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What’s New at Samson: June 2014

June 19, 2014

This What’s New at Samson piece highlights some of the recent bulletins here at the firm.

    Highlights in this bulletin:

  • We are proud to announce Samson’s 10th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe how fast 10 years has flown by since we founded our firm in June of 2004.
  • New strategies introduction.
    Samson Investment Company Strategies: In the fall of 2013, we launched a proprietary strategy to invest in closed-end municipal bond funds in dedicated client portfolios. This strategy may offer higher yields compared to open-end funds and historically wide discounts may create an ideal entry point for investments in the closed-end fund universe.
    Corporate-Replication and Mortgage Replication Strategies: The customized Corporate Replication strategy is designed to match client selected corporate and sub-indices for intermediate sized portfolios. We look to match characteristics of selected indices, such as duration, maturity, yield, credit quality, key rate duration, duration distribution, maturity distribution, credit distribution and sector distribution, typically with 20-40 securities. The Mortgage Replication strategy looks to match the key rate duration and coupon stack of the selected index.
  • Credit Research Bulletins and Webinars

  • Market Update

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