Thought Leadership

Market Review and Outlook: 4th Quarter 2014

January 16, 2015

This commentary reviews the previous quarter and the year 2014, and discusses our outlook for the coming year.

Commentary Highlights:

  • The municipal yield curved continued to flatten during the 4th quarter of 2014, as longer yields fell and shorter yields ticked slightly upward
  • Early in the quarter, we took advantage of the outperformance of our US Treasury cross-over positions and reduced our exposure.
    – Weaker than expected retail sales and heightened geopolitical fears resulted in a flight to quality and normalization of municipal-Treasury ratios.
  • During 2014:
    – Interest rates edged down steadily throughout the year.
    – Inflation remains below historic averages.
    – Energy prices collapsed, and most other commodity prices weakened.
    – The dollar rose to an 11 year high.
    – Bond portfolios delivered strong returns, with longer maturity bonds outperforming shorter ones
  • Outlook for 2015:
    – Any rate hikes are expected to be incremental and well signaled ahead of time.
    – Lower energy prices may be stimulative for the economy.
    – Continued low inflation, an increase in disposable income, and slow but accelerating economic growth all combine to offer a more optimistic economic outlook.
    – While rates may rise from their current near rock-bottom lows, we are likely to remain in an environment where rates are at the lower end of their historic range

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