Thought Leadership

A Friendly Debate on the Fed Funds Rate

February 19, 2015

The primary question on fixed income investors minds this year (and last year…and the year before that…) is – will this be the year interest rates finally rise? In order to fully explore the possible answers to that question, two of the finest minds at Samson took on the task of arguing the opposing views on Federal Reserve policy.

  • Arguing the side of a Fed on hold, Joe Abraham points to weakness in Europe, low inflation, and fallout from a stronger dollar and asks the question: how would a Fed rate hike help?
  • Taking the position of a Fed hike in 2015, Brian Meaney responds with the most recent Fed forecasts predicting a hike, and examines the Fed’s goals in light of a stronger domestic economy and indications that the drop in inflation may be temporary.

Please click on the link below to download the commentary.