Sustainable Investment

Focusing on sustainability
to create long-term value

ESG integration in our investment activities helps us mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities by directing capital towards strong-performing investments and ensuring effective oversight and stewardship of our assets. This allows us to make better informed decisions.
Our investment strategy is built on the belief that sustainable practices drive long-term performance and value creation not only for investors but also for our partners, employees, local communities, and the planet. We invest in businesses whose management teams share this belief.
Antoine Bisson-McLernon
Antoine Bisson-McLernon, Partner and CEO

Sustainable Investment

Our approach to sustainable investing is guided by our Sustainable Investment Policy, which applies to all our strategies and funds.
It includes four core commitments:

1. Embedding Sustainability into decision-making

We seek to minimize negative and maximize positive environmental and social outcomes in conjunction with our goal to deliver strong returns to our investors.

2. Upholding high ethical standards

We operate our business and approach all our relationships with integrity, respect, and honesty.

3. Being a trusted partner

We work to cultivate and maintain open and constructive relationships with our partners and investments. These relationships allow us to work with our investments to improve financial and ESG performance.

4. Striving for industry leadership

We strive to position ourselves among the leaders in our industry as we continuously improve and adapt our approach to reflect best practices. We understand that the investment and sustainability landscape is rapidly changing; we believe that leadership is a journey that requires us to learn and evolve.

For more details on Fiera Comox’s approach to sustainable investment please refer to our policy.

Consult our Global Agriculture Fund
Sustainable Investment Report

Consult our Global Agriculture Fund<br> Sustainable Investment Report

Sustainable Industry Initiatives

Fiera Comox is committed to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) to which we are a signatory through our parent company, Fiera Capital. We look to industry standards and frameworks to inform our approach and align with best practice.

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