Private Equity

Private Equity
We offer a complete private equity
solution for institutional and
high net worth investors

The Fiera Comox Global Private Equity Fund is invested in a diversified portfolio of private companies, generating attractive absolute returns over the long-term for our clients.

The Fund is a comprehensive private equity solution that offers investors access to an institutional asset class in an open-end structure with a primary focus on direct middle-market private equity investments.

Featured Investments

Fiera Comox Global Private Equity is a globally diversified portfolio of corporate private equity investments, focusing on generating attractive absolute downside protected returns over the long-term.

Portfolio Footprint

Fiera Comox’s Global Private Equity Fund is comprised of 26 unique investments. This provides current and prospective investors with a balanced and global exposure to the asset class and diversification benefits, with an exposure to different sectors, geographies, and types of investments.

Fiera Comox is continually evaluating new investment opportunities to complement its current portfolio.

As at March 31, 2024
Icon for Golden Pear
New York, NY
Financial Services
Icon for Genstar IX
San Francisco, CA
Financial Services, Software, Healthcare, Industrials
Icon for Alpinvest CF-VII
New York, NY
Icon for Project Aspen
Boston, MA
Asset Manager
Icon for Presidio II
Austin, TX
Financial Services, Media, Technology-Enabled Services
Icon for Aditi Consulting
Bellevue, WA
Business Services
Icon for Genstar X
San Francisco, CA
Financial Services, Software, Healthcare, Industrials
Icon for Project Green
San Francisco, CA
Energy Transition
Icon for Clearway
Dartford, UK
Business Services
Icon for FFL Fund V
San Francisco, CA
Healthcare and Business Services
Icon for Activate Fund II
San Francisco, CA
Financial Services
Icon for CMS
Scottsdale, AZ
Icon for Diverzify
Itasca, IL
Icon for Springer Nature


  • Financials
  • Business Services
  • Media
  • Industrials
  • Energy Transition
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Diversified

Investment Parameters


Icon for Financials Financials 19%
Icon for Business Services Business Services 18%
Icon for Media Media 11%
Icon for Industrials Industrials 19%
Icon for Healthcare Healthcare 7%
Icon for Technology Technology 3%
Icon for Consumer Consumer 17%
Icon for Diversified Diversified 6%


North America 80%
Europe 19%
Rest of the World 1%


Pre-2017 7%
2017 7%
2018 8%
2019 18%
2020 5%
2021 19%


Directs 83%
Funds 11%
Secondaries 6%

Management Style

Our private equity team has complementary experience across the full spectrum of private equity investing. Our senior team has managed two of the world’s leading institutional private equity portfolios. The team has deep relationships and deal flow network that is truly global. Our approach is centered upon creating unique partnerships with world-class investors and management teams to maximize value across cycles, sectors and geographies.

Key Principles

  • Direct underwriting model focused on fundamental evaluation of opportunities, irrespective of the channel (directs, co-investments, secondaries, partnerships)
  • Selective diversification across geographies, sectors and vintages
  • Invest in niche opportunities and uncorrelated assets typically in the middle Market
  • Seek opportunities with downside protection and asymmetric return profiles
  • Integration of ESG considerations at every stage of our investment and underwriting processes

Private Equity offers the following benefits:

  • Historical outperformance versus public equity markets
  • Attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns
  • Portfolio diversification from public markets and other alternative asset classes
  • Broad investment universe not accessible through public markets
  • Multiple avenues for value creation

Private Equity Team