Case Study Agriculture

Overview of Asset

Our California fruit tree farm parthership is primarily involved in the production of cherries and ranks among the leading cherry grower-packer-shippers in the state.

It has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, which is demonstrated through the implementation of sustainable farming practices and the use of innovative on-farm technology.

The company’s increased production of organic cherries is a good example. Statewide, only about 1% of California’s cherry production is certified organic. Based on estimates of organic cherry acreage currently in production, the company’s organic cherry crop could potentially account for up to 10% of the state’s total organic cherry production in 2022.

While organic cherries command a healthy price premium over conventionally grown cherries at retail, the production of organic cherries also improves the sustainability profile of our asset by eliminating the use of synthetic agrochemicals (pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides), which materially reduces our environmental impact.

Recent ESG Initiatives

We are committed to creating long-term value for our investors, partners, and the communities in which we live and operate. We continuously collaborate with our farming partners to sustainably produce food and fiber across our global platform.

Organic: Land

Organic: Land

In 2022, the company will have more than 100 acres devoted to growing organic cherries.
Organic: Production

Organic: Production

More than 10% of the company’s total cherry production will be organic in 2022